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    Here at Suncoast Automotive Services, we are dedicated to turning out the highest standards of workmanship and providing the best possible levels of customer care. 

    Our staff

    Much of our success in achieving both of these goals can be attributed to our loyal and long serving team of 7 skilled mechanics and our professional admin staff.
    Suncoast Automotive Services Rodney


    Our workshop supervisor Rodney has been with the business since he started here as an apprentice in 1984. Specialising in electronic engine management/fault diagnosis and air conditioning, on late model vehicles including Japanese, Asian, Australian and European.

    Suncoast Automotive Services Warren


    Warren completed his training with us in 1994 and is a specialist in U.K. and European motor vehicles in all areas mechanical and auto electrical.  

    Suncoast Automotive Services Herbie


    Herbie has been with us since he started as our very first apprentice back in 1976. He is now our senior technician and one of our most experienced mechanics. Herbie works part time, specialising in British and American vehicles including Jaguars and other iconic English cars.

    Suncoast Automotive Services Davind Phil

    David and Phill

    David and Phill are both qualified spare parts interpreters and look after our spare parts department. Any request for brake hoses or cables should be directed to David and Phill. They are responsible for our wide range of spare parts including the BMC and Mini range.

    Suncoast Automotive Services Megan breeze

    Megan and Breeze

    Megan and Breeze are the face of Suncoast Automotive Services and are the first people you’ll see when coming to Reception. They are unstinting in their dedication to taking care of the needs of our customers.

    Suncoast Automotive Services Davind Phil

    About Russell

    Russell started the business in 1975 and is the owner/operator of Suncoast Automotive Services.

    As one of the Sunshine Coast’s most skilled mechanics, his extensive knowledge in all aspects of parts supply, repair and restoration of a wide range of British vehicles is invaluable to our customers.  

    Suncoast Automotive Services Russel austin

    Our skilled mechanics are passionate about all aspects of automobile repair and
    servicing so call them now on 07 5443 3111.

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